Exploring New York: The High Line


I live in New York, and as much as I enjoy the idea of our many attractions, there are a few I rarely, if ever, visit. They are simply too popular to enjoy.

A good example of this is the High Line. This park was built above Chelsea on an abandoned railroad spur. The elevated track used to connect trains to the Hudson Rail Yards to the North. Now it is planted with native trees and bushes and offers a really lovely place to walk above the congested streets.

On a nice day, though, it is unbearably crowded. People walking at different paces and in different directions push along under the shadeless sky. Performers, meanderers, joggers, sunbathers, selfie-takers, photographers with their models, Buddhist alms-askers, and food trucks create a impossible mix that is better avoided.

On a recent walk around the West Side, I wondered if I’d be able to get a better look at the Hudson Yards development project from the elevated park. On a cold but sunny spring day, the High Line north of 23rd street was practically empty. And the views of the city were exquisite: the parallel train tracks rising up into brand new skyscrapers gave me a lot to think about. Soon that development will offer a new touristic draw, so I recommend checking the northern section of the High Line before 2019!


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