Great Water

A quick post after a longish trip: My mother and I went on an impromptu road trip around Northern Michigan. We knew that water would feature prominently in our adventures, because Michigan borders on three of the five Great Lakes. But Michigan delivered beyond our expectations!

Here are a few pictures of the great water we saw.


Kitch-iti-Kipi: a freshwater spring of crystal waters that measures 40 feet deep. You can see straight to the bottom, past the trout and other fish that swim around, where sand puffs up with the water gushing in from the bottom.



Tahquamenon Falls: The state park offers views of two large waterfalls, the Upper and Lower. I love how the water falls in an even sheet over the flat sandstone cliff.


Huron Lake: I was shocked by the tropical colors of this Northern Michigan freshwater lake. It was so clean and tempting that I soaked my sneakers trying to cup water in my hands to drink (I succeeded, several times. Delicious!)

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