My little tennessee

That’s the name of a song that one of my boyfriends bands does. It’s only appropriate because we’re in Tennessee right now. Tennessee is not mine, nor does is appear to be little. In fact, I’ve had a very soul-searching experience of having to confront my own misinformed prejudices while I’ve been here in the great city of Nashville.

We came for the Country Music Award Festival, four nights of country music in a steamy football stadium. I’ve got to sit down and write a computer post soon —not one of these off-the-cuff phone rants. But for now I’ll just say: tonight is our first night after the CMAs where we won’t be going to the stadium, and I miss it! I’ll miss the Dallas couple behind us and the fuzzy haired baby wearing ear protecting headphones. And I’ll miss the moths!!

#cmafest2018 #countrymusic

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