¿Quién es La Giraffa?


I’m a woman living in New York City. I’ve worked as an elementary school teacher but this year I am treating myself to a year off. It is an extraordinary luxury and I am enjoying every second of it, though I do miss teaching every once in a while.

I’m also interested in dancing, music, cooking new recipes, fad-ish excersize regimes, travel and, of course reading and writing. And everything else, I just don’t have time to pursue it all.

I think of this blog as a daily colomn, a place where I can try out different styles and subjects and hopefully get some feedback from you lovely fellow bloggers. And I’ll be happy to return the favor!

The blog’s name comes from one of my greatest writing inspirations. Do you know the reference?

And…all of the writing and photography is my own, unless otherwise specified.