I was told the Ionian Sea in the south of Albania had clear, blue water.

I found clear, blue water, and white sand and smooth pebbles. The sea was so salty that I floated like an apple, bobbing in the calm water without having to move my limbs at all.


Thanks Cee for the posting opportunity!



It is hot in New York! But this photo reminds me of the cold old days, not many months ago. Doesn’t it look refreshing? I’m posting in response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, as water and also whale, because even though there isn’t a whale, the frozen water reminds me of one somehow. Thanks, Cee!




Succulents in Mexico City

I’m very much enjoying the challenges that Cee posts at her site. Here is my interpretation of Week 1 of her Fun Foto Challenge.

Look at how well these cute little plants do in the dry altitude of Mexico City!

In the DF’s Botanical Gardens, the succulents are geometrically thriving!