Bohemian Rhapsody

One song that I love, despite its ubiquity in mainstream culture, is Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I haven’t investigated where that name comes from, but I like to imagine that the highs and the lows, the darkness and the light of the song depict an artistic life lived in the extreme.

In Prague, the capital of the kingdom of Bohemia, visitors can gaze up at a different Bohemian masterpiece. The St. Vitus Cathedral is squeezed into the Prague Castle Complex, and visitors must look up to witness the overly-adorned pillars of Gothis splendor. Light and shadows play upon the faces of gruesome gargoyles. Serene Saints stand high above flying buttresses and art neuvou stained glass windows. It is a rhapsodic piece of work.


Thanks to Cee for the photo challenge!

Succulents in Mexico City

I’m very much enjoying the challenges that Cee posts at her site. Here is my interpretation of Week 1 of her Fun Foto Challenge.

Look at how well these cute little plants do in the dry altitude of Mexico City!

In the DF’s Botanical Gardens, the succulents are geometrically thriving!

Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

I love many places. But my favorite place is Martha’s Vineyard. I am rejuvenated there.

I like to be there at any time of year. In the winter there are few people and it is extraordinarily quiet.

The sunrise at Vineyard Haven


On the way back to the mainland


No dryer– just sun and wind.
Christmas yard decorations


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Photo Challenge: Tour Guide in NYC

The quintessential NYC water tower, full moon above and the stormy day below.


Most cities have their cliche’ed images, but the view of the home-towner shows us something intimate that we might miss otherwise.

My hometown of New York is pretty well photographed. Still, I’ve dug a little rut of routine and I love watching the city from here, me and the city changing together. Despite it’s undeniable urban grit, New York City is constantly interacting with the elements. That is when I find the city at its most beautiful.


A sidewalk view of the storm day. I’m always looking up but it’s worth looking down occasionally!

NYC is famous for its theaters, and they are in full swing during these inhospitable winter months. My favorite is the MET opera, but the American Ballet isn’t too shabby.

The theatre at the American Ballet.
The winding staircase at the MET


It’s a remarkable city, for it’s frantic urban features, but also for the calm spaces that I find at every turn. There are many wonderful parks, but, predictably, my favorite is Central Park. I can’t wait for those magnolias to bloom again!


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