Hidden Fountains in Manhattan

The fountain in Samuel Paley Park, on East 53rd Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues.


If you walk around midtown Manhattan in the summer, you’re going to get hot. Not only hot, but you’ll get thirsty, and maybe those new shoes you bought will be starting to rub your heel the wrong way. If you’re like me, you might even be starting to get disgruntled with the hundreds of pedestrians around you, all of whom walk at a different pace, in a different direction, in groups or with phones held in front of them, stopping and starting and crissing and crossing unpredictably.

If you find yourself disgruntled, or in pain, or just hot, duck into one of the tiny parks  tucked into the cross streets of this concrete jungle. These little every-man’s spas often feature fountains, which offer their cooling spray and calming sound to the frenzied minds of city dwellers. Sit down at one of the cafe tables and relax for a bit. Kick those shoes off, if you must! The sound of rushing water kills the sirens and honking, the drills and the drones of Manhattan airwaves. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to walk a few more blocks until you discover another secret fountain.

5 thoughts on “Hidden Fountains in Manhattan

  1. Lovely. If I end up in New York City I will definitely remember those small parks and fountains. I do not like crowds and so have always been a bit reluctant to go to NYC but my Partner really wants to go and a friend of mine raves about it, so one day I will build up my courage and go. The small parks and fountains will be a life line for me. 🙂

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    1. Oh yes if you want to enjoy New York you really have to tuck little micro vacations into your day, at least I do. It’s a great city, and for me the parks and plazas are the best part (I don’t particularly recommend coming during the dog days of summer though!)

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      1. May I think is the best, because everyone is crawling out of their caves into beautiful, flower filled streets and there’s hardly any more threat of cold weather. November can be cozy but also rainy. Well, there’s always the potential for rain. I think both may and November are great times to visit!

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